A few links for Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and I missed posting a few mental health links yesterday for Mental Health Blogging Day. 

Here’s a few things I’ve been wanting to share. I’ll be posting more resources, blogs, articles that I’ve found helpful and interesting. 

1) I’m looking forward to attending this event May 30th on Mental Illness & the Church: Shattering Stigma coming to New Hope Community Church

You can learn more about the event and Tara Rolstad’s heart to shatter the stigma of mental health in the church in her interview on Rose City Forum last month with Andee Zomerman Tara wrote a great blog this week on things we need to stop saying in church to those struggling with mental illness and their family and friends who are supporting them. 

2) One of the things I am passionate about is helping seminary students, pastors and ministry leaders is emotionally healthy spirituality, self-care and burnout.

Liz von Ehrenkrook wrote about her burnout and I loved this part especially

 “I don’t know when it happened exactly, but I began to lose sight of myself and let myself go. Inordinate amounts of learning lessons coupled with personal reflection and analyzing behavior led to my burnout.” 

It stood out because it is essentially what counseling and ministry students are intentionally put through.

It is also one of the challenges the introverts and creatives I work with have from being so darn introspective and thoughtful.

It’s great and at the same time it can be so exhausting. 

I just started reading Liz’s blog and am really enjoying her perspectives on ministry and life and appreciate how transparent she is about what she’s learned so far. Plus, the pictures that accompany her blogs look amazing!

3) This is a great website for veterans and anyone dealing with PTSD.

I have had a change to explore it yet but the smartphone PTSD coach looks like a very help tool.

 4) this infographic is from Mental Health America which is doing a lot to raise awareness of mental health issues.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post on burnout and for your kind words, Sovann! I’m honored you’d feature my words and in that, gift me with the understanding I’m not alone: “It is also one of the challenges the introverts and creatives I work with have from being so darn introspective and thoughtful.”

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