Be in your kids’ corner

Someday your kids will have to fight their own battles.
They’ll have to step into their arena, into their own cage match.
The door will shut and you won’t be able to join them inside.
And they’ll have to stand on their own.

But doesn’t mean they’ll be alone.
If you’ve put in the work at building a solid relationship, if you’ve prepared them well, they will let you corner them.
They’ll want you in their corner.
For instruction, for encouragement.
They’ll listen for your voice above the crowd.

But they won’t listen for your voice through the noise if you aren’t with them in the grind.
Coaching and leading them in the day to day work on the mats of life, of school, of growing up, of navigating relationships and discovering who they are.
You don’t earn the right to corner them on the big moments, the big battles in life, without consistently being that voice in their lives.
If you want to celebrate the wins, be there for them in the lows.

If you aren’t sure what that means, Dad, it just starts with listening and being curious.
They will teach you what they need just by being there and showing up for them.
Every day.

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