Dear Jesus, thank you for Starbucks


Dear Jesus,
Thank you for Starbucks.
Thank you that so many young women and men (some of them bible college and seminary students preparing for ministry) are able to bless their neighbors and co-workers and glorify You with their work there. 
Thank you for the Pink Martini Christmas CD that I picked up there.
Thank you for the countless prayers and Bible studies that have been able to eavesdrop on that remind me that you are at work, that I’m not alone in wanting to live for you in Portland.
Thank you for the cardboard boxes full of coffee that keep us awake when we gather in your name.
Thank you the cups of coffee in hand help seekers and people who struggle with social anxiety feel a little less awkward and a little less afraid to talk to others at these gatherings.
Thank you for the many hours of reading and study and prayer and seeking your will and dreaming about the future and thinking about your plans for my life that I’ve spent there.
Thank you for everyone who’s met with me there – individuals, book, bible study & mens groups – that encouraged me in my faith.
Thank you for the the meetings that I’ve been able to have there with people who were struggling and the opportunities to pray with them
And most importantly of all thank you for the years, the multiple times and hours spent with my children there eating overpriced pastries, reading comic books, sitting and talking, making memories, talking about You before and after church.

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