On marrying your best friend

I think one of the miraculous things about marriage is how someone can both be so wondrously different than you and know and understand you so well at the same time.

Sometimes I admire her from across the distance of a crowded room or sanctuary.

Often it’s from the distance of a crowded calendar.

Truth is, even with the nightly reunion where we go to sleep, over the course of more than two decades together there are times when than distance can span weeks or even months.

It’s amazing how hard and simple it can be to find your way back.

How hard something as simple and mundane as “everyday routine” or “normal” or Survivor reruns can be to overcome.

And how simple just trying something new, or something that you used to do without the kids, on a sunny day off can reconnect you when you’ve both been off doing what you do in the world for others.

I’m glad we’ve always had a best friend to return to.

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