A Parenting Book Your Husband Would Read

I’ve written a parenting book.  It’s at the rough first draft stage.  I don’t even have a title yet but I think the sub-title might be “A Parenting Book Your Husband Would Read.” It’s a mixed martial art and Brazilian jiu-jitsu approach to parenting, on surviving and winning the battles of parenting.

It started out as a silly fun idea, a book to give to my friends at the gym.  I thought it might be 50-60 pages.  But as I wrote I became more serious about truly being helpful and it ended up being over 180 pages and 96K words!  I’m getting it ready to send to an editor.  Here’s something I shared with my Facebook friends as I neared the end of writing:

Writing self-help sounds cliché and people won’t trust you if you aren’t willing to share your stories.
I’m trying to finish my last two days of writing strong when I realized this.
This book on parenting is actually a book on overcoming fear.
And yesterday as I tried to pour out my best words and figure out what’s the best thing I could write to encourage you in your battles, I circled back to best part of our story: my incredible wife, my amazing kids and our faith. And I broke down driving home grateful for them and for God’s love and grace.
See, my biggest battles are not out in the world, at work, online, in leadership – my biggest battles with fear and insecurity have been within the walls of our home and in my own head and heart.
And it’s been amazing to look back at what our family has been through and look ahead with clearer eyes and a braver heart.
I want the same for you guys.
So, I’m battling guys, to keep up the pace and get this book to you. Tomorrow I’ll write my last entry and then spend the next 4-6 weeks prepping to send to editor.

In the meantime, don’t give up.
Don’t give up on your marriage.
Don’t give up on your dreams.
Don’t give up on yourself.
Don’t give up on your kids.
With God, all things are possible.

Over the course of daily writing over two months I got into the habit of writing so I wrote this morning too.

An undealt with past affects your children’s future because your past impacts what you trust,
what you fear,
how you cope
and what you believe about yourself, life and others.
You choose how to respond to your past,
your kids didn’t.

You need to be brave and face your past because our kids won’t just end up battling their fears,
they end up fighting ours too.

What are the battles you’re facing as a parent these days?

I hope my book will help you.

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