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I’ve spent a lot of time with people.
Sometimes I talk but mostly I listen.
I’ve heard a lot of stories and I’ve learned a lot about life from them.
Stories that are full of pain, anxiety, evil and addiction.
Stories full of grace, love, freedom, beauty and redemption.
Stories that make me rush home to hug my kids and kiss my wife.
Stories that remind me that God is a creator and in control but often life crushes our dreams and plans.

I’ve been writing for the past few years on Facebook and had a blog that I last wrote on 6 years ago.
I’m starting this blog for my friends, family and clients to share what I’ve learned about emotional and spiritual health as a counselor and what I’ve learned as a husband and father.

I hope my words will
Help you understand who you are and know God’s love
Help you discover your strengths, purpose, mission and calling in life
encourage you in the overwhelm of life
Help you have healthy boundaries and communication with friends, family and co-workers
Help you find a balance with your time that allows you to be effective in what you want to do and who you want to be

I want to inspire you
To change and grow by taking actions and setting goals
To express your passions and create the art you have in your heart
To understand the power of grace and empathy for yourself and with others
To heal from the wounds of your past
To break free from addiction
To risk putting down your masks and be vulnerable and authentic with others so that you might be known and experience the joy of intimacy and not struggle with isolation and loneliness
To love well
If you are a husband or wife, to have a great marriage
To have a great relationship with your kids

There is a healing power in stories.
My goal is to try to write at least once or twice weekly.

I welcome your feedback and questions.
Later this year I will launch a podcast on marriage and parenting where I’ll sit down and do what I do better than writing: talk to people about their story and the lessons they’ve learned.

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Licensed professional counselor and health coach in Portland, OR Pre-marital and couples counseling. Individual counseling for anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep disorders, sexual addiction, porn addiction, career, transitions, grief, burnout, personal growth.

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