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HALDEN2It’s Day Two of the Blog Like A Pro Blogging Challenge.

A big chunk of the challenge was developing something to offer blog readers to encourage you to subscribe.
Well, I’m going to need a bit of help from my technical and creative team (AKA my kids) to finish today’s challenge.  But like I mentioned yesterday I have a blog series on change and growth that I’ve written and I think I will have the kids help me polish it up for you. So stay tuned, I invite you to subscribe in the meantime.

I didn’t want to skip today altogether so here’s my answer to Jeff’s questions for today. He asked: “When you think about why your message matters and to whom, what comes to mind? Who do you blog for?”

My answer was:

My blog is for my friends and family, my counseling clients, parents, creatives, perfectionists and procrastinators. For addicts, adulterers, the unloved, the scared, the hopeless and sleepless. For myself – as a way of processing, a creative outlet, a memo-to-self. And for God’s glory.

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Licensed professional counselor and health coach in Portland, OR Pre-marital and couples counseling. Individual counseling for anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep disorders, sexual addiction, porn addiction, career, transitions, grief, burnout, personal growth.

4 thoughts on “Who I Blog For”

  1. Hi Sovann. I liked what I read and just joined you. You are on the right path. These are the people who need someone like you to reach out to them. Blessings from Marlane

  2. Hi again, just wanted to let you know, I’ve signed on for the 3rd time. I got kicked out but I could be doing something wrong…If you get 3 comments I apologize… Just starting to ‘socialize ‘ & obviously have a lot to learn right from the starting gate Haven’t had a chance to get to the Seahawks, but I know I will like it just by the title. Regards, Lane

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following Marlane!
      I’m not used to people commenting so please forgive me for the delay in getting back to you!
      Hope you had a good week.
      I’m back after a long break of writing so look forward to your feedback.

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