Writers are healers.

Writers are healers.

I went to a writer’s conference recently.

I went there as someone who isn’t a writer, not wanting the “writing life” or to “go pro”.

I’m a counselor who writes.

I write because it helps me be a better counselor, husband, dad and Christ follower.

I actually write every day because I think every day; writing helps me think better thoughts.

It also helps me ask better questions which, as a counselor, is paramount.

I discovered one surprising thing though.

Writers are my people.

I knew they love words, love books and love reading, that they are thoughtful and creative – that wasn’t a surprise.

Writers are my people because writers are healers.

They are healers because in the same what that hurt people hurt people, healed people heal people.

They are healers because they are truth tellers and the truth heals and sets us free.

They show the way and give us hope that we can go through the healing process of facing and telling our stories.

Emily Freeman encouraged us to pay attention to what our tears are trying to tell us, I think writers have found that words are like tears, the words they write are messages from our hearts that are longing to be brought to light.

A graced people also grace people.

They can’t help but share the grace they’ve been given.

They know that the unshared parts of ourselves, the unknown, the undisclosed secrets and memories are the unloved and unhealed parts of ourselves.

The parts that blindside us at really inconvenient times in our relationships and work.

The parts that drive behavior that disconnects us from others and God.

Writers are people that know that telling our stories both help us express and discover our best selves; they know that vulnerability is both terrifying and liberating at the same time.

Are you a writer? If you are, what’s something you’ve learned or been surprised by lately?

If you aren’t a writer, I encourage you to give it a try. Even 15-20 minutes, a few times a week, just like exercise can make a big difference in your emotional and spiritual health.

It’s a great way to grow and heal, get clarity on decisions and manage stress.

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