Do you have what it takes?

Why is it so hard to change? To do something awesome?
One thing that the resistance throws at us is the question:

Do you have what it takes?

Really, it’s a variation of Who do you think you are?
If you want to overcome this – assume you do.
Assume you have what it takes.
That you have what you need or that is available to you.
Or that someone knows the answers.
That they’ve been where you’ve been and gone through what you have
Or something similar

Assume people believe in you
That people need you
That what you’ll do will make a difference
Assume that there’s a lot at stake
Assume that if God is calling you to it there is a way to do it
Assume that it’s worth it
Assume that it matters

Assume it will be hard
That 24 hrs a day won’t seem like enough
Assume that the people who have succeeded in what you want to change had those same 24 hrs  to work with
Assume you might fail
That you will not do it perfectly
That your first version won’t be the final or best version
Assume that what you do imperfectly will be better than doing nothing at all
And that the people that matter, will get that
And actually love you for it, the imperfections.

No, do you have what it takes really isn’t the issue.

Will you *do* what it takes?

That’s the question.

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