First post on being and becoming a parent

Parenting: growing into the world’s biggest feet

awkward at first

it gets easier if you don’t wreck yourselves

in the falling down parts

Amazing really, in the other parts of life we learn, work and serve, demonstrate things like dependability, loyalty, integrity and character and then we are given more responsibility.

With parenting, you’re given this huge responsibility from the start!

It’s not earned.

It’s this amazing gift, to be responsible for another living breathing human being.

We start with the gift and we grow into the role.

And depending on how we’ve grown up how ready and confident we are to fill that role varies, greatly.

As big a job as it is, I think understanding it just is – that it’s not something to be earned or something that can be taken away – can take away a lot of the pressure and stress, especially for young parents.

You don’t have to be perfect to become Mom.

You don’t have to fight your way to become Dad.

You just are.

You’ll have to fight to stay connected and be awesome for sure.

But there’s always time for stress later.

For starters, and on some later days in the adventures and journey, it’s enough to just know that it’s both

who you are becoming

and who you are.

The same gift, the same grace, at the start is still available and true for every day thereafter.



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